Yixiang Zhao (赵奕翔)

Master candidate

MESA Lab, Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Machine Learning Approach for Cognitive Condition Prediction

Propose a machine learning approach for the predicting cognitive condition based on the data from China Longitudinal Aging Study (CLAS). The best performance has an accuracy of 97.4% for MCI classification, and 99.4% for AD classification when the number of selected features is 10.

Supervised by Dr. Shengbo Chen.

Feb. 2020 - Oct. 2020, Python

Kaifeng Tour APP

Smart Scenic Area Android APP for Kaifeng visitors, with functions of walking navigation, voice explanation, travelogue sharing, recommendation of surrounding services, instant communication, etc. It provides a series of intelligent and scenario-based services for tourists.

Supervised by Dr. Shengbo Chen. Cooperation with Iron Tower Park.

Jun. 2019 - Jul. 2020, Java

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